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Federation of Celtic Nations merger announcement


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It's always unfortunate to see an endeavor led by friends not work out. That said, it's tough to complain too much when that means they'll be coming over to hang out a lot more often. As in, all of the time. As in, the Federation of Celtic Nations is merging into Aurora Borealis.


We're happy to give our old friends a new home.


A couple of clerical notes: Vosegus will be joining us as our new Minister of Foreign Affairs, and we will continue

to protect those who remain on the Federation of Celtic Nations AA for the next 60 days. 


Signed for Aurora Borealis,
Drake Spoke, Triumvir
Jutopia, Triumvir
Sarkin, Triumvir
Ace072199, Elder Adviser
The Evilest Eye, Elder Adviser
DAn123123, Elder Adviser
 Wasso, Minister of Internal Affairs
MrGriffin38, Minister of War
Signed for the Federation of Celtic Nations,

Vosegus, Taoiseach

Edited by Sarkin
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Thank you everyone...AB has always had our back since the day I went to them about a protectorate with Novus Omega, then it continued into FCN. We are proud to be going into AB, I look forward to my new job as MOFA for AB. So, I invite any and all alliances to come hang out. The 1,2,maybe 3rd round of beer and caek is on me...I mean Sarkin!LOL


To certain members in IRON,ODN,Solis...Thank you especially for your friendship. You know who are!

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