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Cessation of Hostilities

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The New Pacific Order (NPO) and The International Commonwealth of Nations (ICoN) - formerly the Commonwealth of Independent Nations (CoIN) - hereby declare an end to hostilities. ICoN agrees not to re-enter the current conflict or aid alliances still involved in the war.

Signed for the New Pacific Order
Farrin Xies
Emperor of the New Pacific Order
The Lone Star Emperor

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Lord of Darkness
Imperial Officer of Military Affairs

Signed for The International Commonwealth of Nations
CobaltWolf, Founder
Danger, Director of Directors
jsvcycling, Director of Advisory
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good luck fixing yourselves ICoN, genuinely surprised the "losing coalition" gets the first surrender of the war though.

iirc Competence got the first surrender of eQ as well... I'm too lazy to check though.


I don't understand why you'd bother to fight in the first place if you could last more than a week or so.

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I can't ever remember NPO offering white peace before. Especially not to a micro.

Times truly are a-changin'.


Not sure it is truly white peace when one side agrees to abide by terms.  Pretty good terms, though, if that was your point.  Hope the Hooligans HB war is going well for you.

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