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Since you've used up all your guesses: It was Jeffrey.


As our war hasn't expired, I do believe you owe me a surrender because my next guess is most definitely Jeffery  :P


To: Unknown Smurf    From: Delta1212    Date: 11/10/2013 7:14:54 PM

Subject: RE: Psst


Message: I'm thinking of a password. If you get it in 20 guesses or before our war expires, I'll surrender. Whichever comes first.

There's an f in it.
P.S. Seriously though I never was going to hold you to it even if I did guess right. I can't believe it wasn't swordfish or fourty-two though!
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... Is three posts away of breaking 10,000. That puts him in the top 10 -15 forum users. All the others are those fruity role-players, I think. :P


How about a countdown to 10,000, ha ha.




Get a life



He once wrote a few essays on opposing francoism. I would say that categorizes into fruity role-playing.

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