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The Lion Roars


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For some time, the island of Great Britain has been known as the nation of Camulodunum. A couple of years later, the nation still existed, but was now languishing in inactivity, with bouts of anarchy and lawlessness beginning to break out. Given that no nation has intervened as of yet, the people of Great Britain, increasingly discontented with Camulodunum rule and yet contending with a government that may as well have dropped from the face of the planet, were in something of an unique situation. As they didn't revert back to a protectorate, they couldn't petition for independence. Being well-mannered and sensible people they were, they would not resort to revolutionary violence to change the status quo through force. As the Camulodunum government was virtually nonexistent, there were no one they could contact at the highest level.

And so the people of Great Britain began the process of organizing a new national government through largely local initiative. Elections were held on many levels, all the way to the Parliament, which were sanctioned by local government officials. Many candidates, naturally, strode forward to take up the reins of leadership. They had differing agendas; for example, many Scottish leaders supported the establishment of the Kingdom of Scotland within its historical borders, with a select few advocating such a Kingdom encompassing all of Great Britain. The same went for English leaders for a Kingdom of England. Others wanted to establish a Communist state, and shockingly, there were some who advocated a fascist state.

The Parliamentary elections went as smoothly as one can expect of the British people. Three major parties emerged (the Conservative, Liberal Democrats, and Labor), and so did many minor parties in England, Scotland, and Wales. Even a Official Monster Raving Loony Party was proclaimed in London to no one's amusement. During the long election process, the British system of government would be re-established, supplanting the old Camulodunum system, with the Camulodunum monarchy transitioning into the new British monarchy, many newly elected members assuming their seats in the House of Commons, and appointed members taking their seats in the House of Lords. After a series of close electoral races, and run-off elections, a candidate emerged the winner: William "Bill" Cameron of the Conservative Party, who was selected and appointed by the Monarch.

In a televised speech to the Parliament, Cameron thanked the people for giving him the change to lead the country once again. Speaking like a true politician, he promised to preserve and safeguard the freedom, liberty, and security of the British people, and welcomed foreign nations to re-open their embassies in London. With a roar, the Kingdom of Great Britain, a state long dead since 1800, was back.

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Paraguay recognizes the new government of Great Britain. The Paraguayan government would like to exchange diplomatic representatives in order to facilitate friendly diplomatic relations.

- Secretary of State Carmen Torres

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