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Operation: Total Security


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1st Phase of Operations

Romanian Air Space


A lone Imperial transport flew into Romanian airspace in the late night hours. The special flight, which had prior clearance, carried one hundred plainclothes agents and were destined to land at the Henri Coandă International Airport. Upon landing the plainclothes agents, which were part of the Imperial Air Forces Airborne Forces, secured the airport and prepared the way for huge airlift of Imperial equipment. Just hours later, additional transports began to land at the airport at a rate of one per minute, unloading additional airborne troops equipped with artillery and light tanks. From their landing site, troops began to disperse to their pre-assigned targets from the airport.


2nd Phase of Operations


From the Empire's eastern border's, ten thousand Imperial troops began to cross the border into Romania. The mechanized forces would link up with airborne forces, in a mission to envelope the entire country. The troops were mostly headed towards Bucharest and other major centers of recognition. With the speed and precision of Imperial troops, battlefield commanders hoped to complete operations within the next twelve hours.


Imperial Center (the Imperial Capital)


Within minutes of attack, the Grand Vizier of the Empire appeared on Imperial HoloVision to explain the Empire's  justification for the operation.


"Loyal Subjects,


At this very moment, the Armed Forces of the Imperium have begun operations to bring peace to the lawless country of Romania. For years, Romania has been a state with no legitimate government. Because of it's lawlessness, all sorts of illegal activity has been able to blossom, such as weapons and drug trafficking. Some of this illegal activity has spilled over into the Empire, and that cannot be allowed.


Our mission is simple. Restore peace. This is not a mission of annexation. The Empire's goal is to make sure that a suitable government rises to govern Romania, and we fully expect to complete that task.


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Military operations in Romania went as planned and without issues. Within forty eight hours, the armed forces had total control of the nation. While some members of the military had expected some sort of dissent, they were surprised to see that most of the native people were apathetic to the appearance of armed troops especially from another country. Of course, you had the stragglers, who protested and heckled military forces. However, Imperial troops were under strict orders to not engage the native population.

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