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An Official Announcement from the Everfree Union




It is with some melancholy that I must announce that after 433 days of existence, it has become necessary for the Everfree Union to call it quits. We gave it a fine effort, but people's lives change, and sometimes it is no longer feasible to continue with the business of running an alliance and seeing to one another's mutual protection and benefit. In such a case, it is far better to disband than to continue existing as an empty, inactive mockery of what once was.


Effective immediately, the Everfree Union will merge with our protectors, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. GATO has been amazing to us, and I can think of no more appropriate way to end our run as an alliance than lending the strength of EvU to their cause.


I'd also like to thank the Alternian Empire for their steadfast commitment as our treaty partners, as well as anyone else who was involved with our fun little community in some way, even if it was just popping in to #Everfree occasionally or providing us with worthy opponents during wartime. Most of all, I'd like to thank all of our members, both past and current, who contributed their time to make this such an interesting and fun ride. EvU was founded to be an alliance based on a friendly and awesome community, and although the alliance is going away, that community isn't going anywhere. I am proud to call all of the members of EvU my friends, and that's worth far more to me than any AA.


Signing off for the last time,


Legatus Equus, Triumvir of the Everfree Union


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Thank you, EvU. It was an absolute honor and a privilege. You are truly some of the best allies anyone could have ever asked for.

With a heavy heart, we bid the Everfree Union farewell, and with open arms, we welcome them into GATO!

o/ EvU

The Alliance Affiliation of The Everfree Union is hereby protected by the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization.

~Dre4mwe4ver, Assembly Chairman of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
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The subversive network spreads its malignant tendrils with every waking moment, its directing committee is without doubt nestled in the bowels of the world's leading enterprises. Who will bring salvation to bob, who will deliver us from such terror.

Sorry to see you all close your doors, I wish you only the best.

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Thanks for the ride, EvU. your folks have certainly been worthwhile treaty partners; you had the sense to do what UE should have done months ago. I doubt this is the end of your story, as even your enemies will admit that the pony without is nowhere near as threatening as the pony within.


But trolls are better.

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Yep. Kinda hard to believe I'm not in a pony alliance anymore. How long's it been, 3 years combined with UE and EvU? I don't even know, I lost track.
Oh well. On to a new fandom.

The fandom's dying!

A photographer of the News of Free Radicals captured this moment from the merger ceremony:


We should all take a leaf from Pingu's book. I'd have to say I agree. Cats riding horses will lead us into the future.

I expect great things, please don't disappoint.
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I wish for you, only the best. While we may not always have agreed, I'm proud to have stood aside your sides.

I hope dearly you find greener pastures. [spoiler]pun intended[/spoiler]

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