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Die Linke is joining our allies over in Shangri-La.  We, as leftists, as the revolutionary MDAP bloc, take offense to Kaskus attacking our earthly paradise.  War is not a subject matter to be taken lightly, but when the enemies of peace sulk in the background awaiting any opportunity to strike against the friends of freedom, we stand together in unity and solidarity with our comrades.


When war is declared and the forces of Justice are brought to bear, no single member of Die Linke, whether big or small, is left to stand alone. There is only one. We stand together.


The Elesufi guides us in the hours of peril. The light and the joy of the powindah’s explosions brings us peace and righteous ecstasy.  Let all who stand opposed to the peace be liquidated.  This is the way of Die Linke. My Shangri-La beneath the winter moon.


Signed, on behalf of Die Linke,


The Delegate’s Council of the Libertarian Socialist Federation

General Assembly of the Socialist Worker’s Front

ComradeV, Premier of the Union of Communist Republics

Comrade Ronjoy, Commissar of Finance of the Union of Communist Republics

Sovyet Gelibolu, Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Communist Republics

RA2Leader, Commissar of Defense of the Union of Communist Republics

Mosin Nagant, Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Union of Communist Republics







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