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OK, this is how it is.  We know some people kind of look forwards to our DOWs.  They're often funny or silly or have pictures in them.  Everyone has a laugh and it sets the tone for a fun war.

The problem is we suck and had no good ideas.

Sardonic suggested something about bones, and didn't even have the decency to ad a letter r for pun purposes.

r00tn00b posted a weird picture of a fat person.  As it was a drawing I don't think it was a selfie.

Gender Of The Soul write something kind of awesome about misandry but none of you would have got it and our government of idiots preferred the fat person

Then someone proposed posting all of them, which would have looked even dumber than this looks, which is pretty dumb indeed.

We also considered just starting attacking people, posting no DoW at all and then swearing up and down that we weren't at war at all, but you're have to be a total jerkwad to do something like that.

So instead we decided to just post this awful explanation instead.  GOONS declare war on the concept of creativity.  Oh, and NPO.


-Created by Lamuella





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See, NPO, this is how you're supposed to do it. You post the declaration of war so there are no misunderstandings about who attacked who. If you had done this last time things would have gone a lot smoother for everybody! At the very least, record keeping would have been a lot more organized much unlike your MilCom.

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