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An announcement from The Screaming Red Asses


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The Asylum Accords
 (The Lunatics sign with the Nutters and took over the Asylum for drinks and general shenanigans)


The alliances of SRA and URON schmoozed it up and boozed it out and decided th3y will recognize each others sovereignty and will treat each other with respect and another round.

Non-Aggression and Intel

At no time will either party drink to the point of throwing punches at each other and will always communicate which bartender pours the strongest drinks and which ones water it down.

Optional Defense

If either party gets into a brawl with another alliance it will be in good form for the other to remain sober enough to watch their backs but not mandatory.

Optional Aggression

When the whiskey flows so do the brawls. As such both parties have the ability but not the obligation to throw the first punch together.

Exiting the bar with saying farewell

They will not be tolerated and both parties must say good bye with in 72 hours before this treaty is ended.

Red Ass Commander
Walsh the Beloved

Executive Officer

Chairman of internal affairs Lord vescus

Chairman of war/defence Arceaus

Chairman of foreign affairs Manussa

Deupty chairman Primeminister Rav Edited by Xanth
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