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Declaration of War from the Viridian Entente


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[color=green]A Declaration of War from the Viridian Entente[/color][/center]

Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. It is so natural for those of us who have weathered a long road of twists and turns to look back in happiness at more innocent times. When thinking about the war to come, thoughts start to drift back to the rich histories we have with much of CN, some of which we find in the opposing war coalition. The emotions that days like today bring out are traditionally pride and thirst for war, but for me, today is about nostalgia.

Normally when looking back, you think of simpler times. Well, Early 2009 was not a simpler time. But despite large portion of the world looking to destroy us and ours, a friendship was consummated into a formal relationship by signing with iFOK, who at the time were a new alliance on the green sphere. That was the start of a fun relationship, as weeks after that, it was iFOK and their Stickmen allies crushing GGA as we took a chunk out of NPO and rolled MCXA (with AZTEC, much love guys). For a long time afterward, it was a consistently solid relationship, one we could always count on no matter how crazy times got.

Another friendship that grew out of the Karma War was the one with FOK. Of all the alliances I've ever worked with, few inspired in myself and VE the kind of kinship we felt working with FOK in first Karma, and then BiPolar. That it took us all the way until 2010 to sign a treaty was always a point of humor, but we both had felt for so long that by virtue of how close both of our relationships were with iFOK, that why bother signing a treaty that was really just mere formality? In this age of over-treatying and incoherent treaty webs, the fact that two alliances worked as allies like we did, long before actually being allies, truly is a relic from a more innocent age.

The continued flowering of those relationships led to an unlikely party being an ally. Poison Clan was a group we had no interaction with prior to our decision to unify our intertwined treaties into an official bloc in Pandora's Box. But it is a relationship I'm glad we had, as fighting alongside some of your guys in PB-Polar was a true treat, and you guys, along with iFOK, did a great service for our alliance when you took on heavy odds, in some cases without possibility of relief. And I was never more proud to be your ally than when I was able to stand by you in your darkest hour, and yet you still stayed resilient and pushed forward.

We are in a seemingly different world now though. All of those alliances are gone, but their memories still live on. Although we do not see eye to eye with enough of the people still leftover from those days in their new homes, I still feel a sense of kinship when I see the name of someone I dominated someone on the battlefield alongside, or someone I had the pleasure of working with on a gov level for all of those years.

A lot of those guys played a role in making VE as strong as it has been, and while many of my old friends have moved on, I'll always smile when I see some of them make their appearances, either here or on the battlefield.

So Arexes, Tromp, Don, Mike, Cheeky, Wietze, Stewie, Timmehh, Derwood, Zoom, GFL, Arnes, everyone else that isn't coming to my mind right now because I'm an ass, and Harry (yes, even Harry!), I salute you guys all and thank you for all of the great times we've had, and may sometime have again in the future. You'll always have one person keeping good memories alive of your original homes.

Times change. Leaders change. Politics change. But some friendships can be forever.

The Viridian Entente hereby declares war on Non Grata.

[i]Goldie,[/i] Lord of the Entente
[i]WarriorConcept,[/i] Duke of the Entente
[i]Baltus,[/i] Secretary of State
[i]Supreme 142,[/i] Secretary of Defense
[i]Deviousfairie,[/i] Secretary of the Interior
[i]Ging,[/i] Secretary of Economics
[i]Cornelius,[/i] Dominus Emeritus
[i]Solaris,[/i] Dominus Emeritus
[i]Impero,[/i] Dominus Emeritus
[i]Asawyer,[/i] Minister of Awesome
[i]Bergini,[/i] Minister of Awesome
[i]Cards,[/i] Minister of Awesome
[i]Colin40,[/i] Minister of Awesome
[i]SoonerNation,[/i] Minister of Awesome
[i]Sweeeeet Ronny D,[/i] Minister of Awesome
[i]Smooth,[/i] Smooth Criminal
[i]Bill Wallace,[/i] Because He'd Love This

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