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""How soft your fields so green"

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You should talk to those allies of yours to find out why they prefer us over them.
That is, if you're done blowing staggers.

Certain alliances go wherever the winds of power take them. You should know that as a member of TOP.

A good old cliché stagger insult as well. If we weren't so completely outnumbered you would have a good point.
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That is, if you're done blowing staggers.

Your trying to hard and you know better. The blown stagger is irrelevant. We're outnumbered so bad that it won't make the slightest bit of difference. We could go back and forth for days about usage of peace mode, blitz, staggers, etc. It's tedious and as one of the leaders of your coalition it's sad to see you rely on such personal and petty attacks against someone who has clearly earned their keep.
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