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Artigo/Rakshasas Powerlifting Accords

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Brand new boots I bought ya
Fine, fine blew your mind
Finally thought I caught ya
And your love was mine all mine

Step,step, steppin' on my toes - DBDC and NG agree to not be steppin’ on toes, and will not engage in espionage, war, or other not cool things against each other (unless they ask nicely).

I'm your standby Santa Claus - Ho Ho Ho Y’all! If Christmakkhah comes early for either alliance, they can call up the other party and be like ‘Hey, you got presents to open over here’ and the other party can be like ‘Aww snap girl, I just got my herr did and it’s time to get ma nuke on!”

I'll even let you drive my Caddy when I get one baby - If one of us gets a sweet new ride and we just GOTTA roll to the bad part of town, we can call up our friend and be like ‘Hey, it’s time to flip some switches and kill some witches’ (Happy Halloween Y’all), the other person can be like ‘Well, good sir, I am not usually one to give into the impulse of senseless violence, but... drive-by’s are fun and cars go fast, let’s roll.’

Well, L.A. to Cincinnati that's not far, far from you - No distance can keep us apart and if one of our members wants to make a road trip and go say wassup to their baby girl, well that’s just how we roll. Any Sugar Baby is welcome in their Sugar Daddy’s house anytime, day or night and they can even eat that Chinese food in the fridge.

Well, my flavor's long lastin' girl. It ain't never gonna stop, no - If the gum runs out of flavor and we just ain’t in the mood for chewing things no more, DBDC and NG can say ‘dueces yo, it’s been real furreal’ and not get swoll about it, if 72 hours have gone by at least.

Oh baby, I'll be your Sugar Daddy
Give you kissin' when it's missin' yeah
Oh baby, I'll try to keep you happy
'Cause I got a sweet tooth for your love

CubaQuerida - Angel of Death
Tayloj - Bunny King
TBRaiders - Wingman of Allarchon
Artigo - Powerlifting Champion of DBDC
Timmehhh - Minister of Wealth Redistribution

Hershey - Advisor to the DOOMCAVE

Signed for Non Grata
the Actual Steve Buscemi Buscemi


-Old man Derwood1
-Caustic, now internet famous
-King Xander


Because his name is on the treaty,

-Rakshasas, regular member who washes clothes on his abs

Edited by Steve Buscemi
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