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NPO Declaration of War and Sing-Along War Report

Lady Red

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Declaration of War from the New Pacific Order

Our world moves in circles; alliances rise, then fall, then rise and fall again. Sometimes this is due to factors outside of their control; other times it is due to their making bold moves that are either a wild success, or a miserable failure.
Eight Months Ago, the New Pacific Order was regarded as one of the most powerful alliances in the world. High off of victory, with strong alliances and a large coalition, many expected it to establish a new hegemony to replace the one just torn away from the hands of Doomhouse. Instead, we allowed our coalition to devolve into a mess of miscommunication and forced through our desire to protect our friends over the objections of our coalition partners. After that war we allowed, through our tepid foreign affairs policy, our image to be hijacked by an ill-thought and inappropriate idea of hostility towards our ancient brothers.
Eight Months Ago, The Order of the Paradox was coming out of the losing side of a massive war aimed at wiping out their sphere’s upper tiers. What allies they had were mostly pariahs that were either the aim of a “round two” from the victorious coalition, or desperately using their links to get away. It looked like the Platypus was headed for another defeat; instead, they took charge of the sphere, taking both the helm of leadership and absorbing the best political talent from a fading MK. They sought new avenues to bridge a divide many had thought uncrossable; and were able to find the opportune time to bandwagon onto a cause that neatly divided all their enemies into two.
The two alliances have moved in opposite cycles; it was the NPO’s mistakes that allowed TOP to re-assume center position in the world stage; it was TOP’s (with special credit to Ardus) skillful positioning that turned what might have been a temporary PR disaster into a complete collapse of the Pacific’s world position.
But, whilst both alliances are renowned diplomatic players, that is not all they are.
First, and above all else, the New Pacific Order is a military order. We are born to fight. Our culture was created in the midst of war. Our greatest memories and traditions are about the all-consuming fire of combat.
And so, tonight, we fight. We fight the second round of war against the remnants of an upper tier that we only partially damaged the last time around – an upper tier that, with our friends divided, now handily outnumbers us. But we also fight a war against a worthy rival, and one who we suspect wants to meet us on the battlefield just as much as we want to meet them.
The New Pacific Order declares war on The Order of the Paradox in defense of our allies in the New Sith Order.
And may all Orders have fun.
Farrin Xies,
Emperor of the New Pacific Order
The Lone Star Emperor

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Lord of Darkness,
Imperial Officer of Military Affairs of the New Pacific Order

P.s I assume since TOP was the only alliance to put so many of its people in Peacemode, you knew we would pick you...kudos to you for ruining our blitz opportunity.

P.p.s Umbrella, you up for Round 2 too?

P.p.p.s Sir Paul has prepared the below war singalong to commemorate this occasion:


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