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Trade relations with Athens

Kevin Kingswell

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On receiving the invitation from Athens for a trade representative to be sent from the Grand Republic the Chancellor quickly responded informing the Athenian government that a member of the senate would be arriving shortly and that this senator would have full rights to open and close any trade agreements with Athens. Senator Raymond Sima was chosen by the Chancellor for this diplomatic mission and after accepting such an important mission he left the Grand Republic on a chartered flight to Athens.


The flight did not take long due to the short distance between the two nations and as the Grand Republic Airways plane touched down on the runway senator Sima was already mentally preparing himself for the task that lay ahead. Not expecting to stay for very long in Athens he had only brought with him a spare change of clothes and other basic essentials. Leaving the plane with other passengers the senator would go with them and collect his single piece of luggage before making his way through the arrivals terminal where he hoped someone would be ready to collect him. Only now did he regret that his country's enthusiasm at such an offer had meant they had acted without any detailed planning. 

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