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Something, Something, Declaration, Something


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Yes.  This something is a declaration of treaty upgrade and ratification:


 23vygz9.jpg  1zn0dog.jpg

                                                                                                                                                          (we don't mind that theirs is bigger than ours)


The Nuka-mead Accords


Article I. Serving Mead in Missile Silos
Valhalla and The Nuclear Proliferation League, hereafter referred to as the parties, come together under this document with the goals of proliferating the usage of irradiated beverage consumption.

Article II. We Lift Our Mugs
The parties agree that each alliance is an individual, and they shall not infringe upon the sovereign rights of that of the other. Neither party shall act in an aggressive manner towards the other. In the event that an act of aggression does occur in any fashion, 100% of the damages shall be paid in reparations.

Article III. Drunken Nights and Morning Hangovers.
The parties agree that any intelligence relevant to either party must be shared to its full extent between the parties.

Article IV. Be it Axes or Be it Nukes
The parties may call on each other for military assistance in both aggressive and defensive campaigns; providing military assistance is encouraged but not required by this document.

Article V. Odin Smote Giants with Nukes
If either party wishes to cancel this agreement, they must provide 72 hours notice. During that time, this document is  considered still in effect.

Signed for Valhalla:
Chefjoe - Regent
Levistus - Vice Regent
AddictedAffliction - Emissary
Windbender - Marshal
Rivai - Security Consul
ChairmanHal - Chancellor
Toga - Norn
Seipher Caim - Norn
Thom - Norn
Jesper of Lothlórien - Aesir


Signed for the Nuclear Proliferation League:
KemMO - Prime Minister, HMFIC
Gofast2006 - Triumvir, Gun Toting Law Abiding Anarchist
King Wally - Triumvir, Part-time Croc. Wrestler and Spelling Bee Champion 1991 - 97
Smurthwaite - Triumvir, Drafter of Treaties and DoWs
Dark Zone Elite - Warhead of Foreign Affairs, Resident Mexican
Houston - Warhead of Defense,  James Bond
Spaztik Muffin - Warhead of Economics, Only Crazy on Tuesdays

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