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Time to take a sith war - Propaganda Thread


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When you are outnumbered, you are going to take quite a beating so turtling makes tactical sense, personally not something I agree with, I'll take my beatings and I'll have fun with it, clearly someone is playing the long game though.


Point being, that's still a bad propaganda piece, I would rank it down there is screenshot of nations in peace mode and fail spy ops.


...again, I've actually been the only one at war with him for days.


But hey, if he wants to play it this way whatever.

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Kudos Walshington, how many t-shirts will $6m get me?


Due to the devaluation of the dollar, I now deal only in tech, Lex.  Right now the going rate is 4,998.06 tech per shirt.  Just checked my war screen -- by happy coincidence, that is exactly what you have. We have an accord!  Tee shirt in the mail, kindly remit the tech prior to 25 hours after the time of your declaration.

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