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Constitutional Court delivers final verdict on "Anti-white Immigration Bill"

Ian Smith

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"Sit Nomine Digna"


In the Name of the People of Rhodesia Nyasaland
CONSIDERING the concerns expressed by the Right Honourable Winnie Mandela MP regarding the legitimacy of the "Anti-white immigration Bill" approved by the Federal Assembly of Rhodesia Nyasaland on October 26, 2013,
CONSIDERING the values of equality, freedom and respect for the human being irrespective of color and race as expressed in Decree #4 on which the multicultural society and the democratic institutions of Rhodesia Nyasaland are built upon,
GIVEN THE FACT that Decree #4 of the Constitutional Decrees of the Federal Republic of Rhodesia Nyasaland approved by the Federal Assembly of Rhodesia Nyasaland on October 7, 2013 in Livingstone, was still in effect upon approval of the "Anti-white immigration Bill",
GIVEN THE VIOLATION of Decree #4; articles 1, 2, 6, 6.2 and 30 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved on December 10, 1946 by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris,
- A moratory on the aforementioned bill
- The moratory on Decree #4 shall be immediatly overturned.
- The aforementioned bill must go trought a new parliamentary debate and be resubmitted to the Constitutional Court in 15 days.
The Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Rhodesia Nyasaland
October 26, 2013 
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With recent events patience was running thin, to prevent a continued cat and mouse game both Athens and Cape Town agreed that a show of force was needed. Mere hours after the ruling by the constitutional court two B-10 bombers launched from their base in Tripoli. Using satellite surveillance and of course the knowledge gained from the Seventh Army a key military command structure was identified. With this target in mind the B-10s would proceed. While no resistance was expected a squadron of F-5s would remain at a distance to deal with any Rhodesian troublemakers.


As soon as the bombers were in range, yet still over the Congo protectorate, a total of 32 ER-M-51s(hypersonic cruise missiles) would be launched aimed at the target. Each missile of course armed with a HDRM warhead.


Minutes after the strike a message from the Office of the Exarch would be sent.




 The patience of the Exarchate is getting more and more limited by the day. Rhodesia-Nyasaland will restore the law aimed at creating a proper racial balance or more attacks will follow.


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