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xR1 Fatal Instinct

A Joint Announcement from SUN and Invicta

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Blazin’ Saddles Pact 2.0





This document is to hereby establish our hatred for the Attorney General and our support of each other to rid the town of Mongo’s wrath.

Article I - Peace

Despite our differences, we agree to work together and give each other pie openly.


Article II - Intelligence

Invicta and SUN agree to work together and not let the church bells interfere with our communication.


Article III - Aid

We agree to lend a hand if we’re ten cents short.


Article IV - Mutual Defense

We agree to defend each other from the army of bandits.


Article V - Cooperation

Let’s both build a candygram for Mongo!

Article VI - Cancellation

Should we think our future in Rock Ridge will not last, we must notify each other by Monday before being hanged.


Signed for Invicta:

Rotty  - President

President Gunn - Vice President

Ellis - Chief of Staff

xR1 Fatal Instinct - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jon32492 - Minister of Internal Affairs

King William - Minister of Finance

Contra - Minister of War


Signed for SUN:

Fen Dorbek, Emperor of SUN

PSpiz, Imperial Minister/Foreign Minister

King James II, MInister of Internal Affairs

Paul Jacobs, Minister of Economics

Shard, Minister of Education

Relapse, Minister of Defense

Edited by xR1 Fatal Instinct

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Yay us!  :awesome:
o/Invicta!  :wub:

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I can hardly believe that SUN has lasted this long. And no, I don't mean that as a thinly-veiled dig at you or anything. Congrats on the treaty or whatever.

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On behalf of SUN, I would like to say that we are greatly honored to reach new levels of friendship and cooperation with the good nations of Invicta.


We extend an extra note of appreciation to xR1 and PSPiz, and their respective offices of Foreign Affairs, for their untiring efforts in securing improved relations between our alliances and formalizing these bonds with this treaty.  Additionally, it has been a pleasure developing friendships with the leadership of Invicta and getting to know better our friends there.


Finally, we are excited in moving forward into a golden age for SUN and Invicta working together and united in securing the rights of our alliances to freedom and security.  SUN is lucky to have a considerate and dependable ally like Invicta and will always endeavor to reciprocate in kind for our shared benefit and stability.



Hail Invicta!


Fen Dorbek

Emperor, State of Unified Nations

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I know I speak for the entire government of Invicta when I say how pleased I am at this announcement. We are honored to call SUN our friends.


o/  SUN 

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Two awesome alliances. One awesome treaty.
o/ Invicta
o/ SUN

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