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Rhodesian trade unions plan strike by the end of October

Ian Smith

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October, 21

Rhodesian Trade Unions have called for a general strike planned for the last week of October in response to the weak efforts by the Federal Government to set up proper trade agreements and guarantee a constant import and export of goods.
Local enterprises have suffered due to widespread shortage of materials and natural resources, marking a stop to the initial growth of Rhodesia Nyasaland's economy. Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd has called for a meeting with Trade Union representatives in order to find a common strategy and link up the national economy with international trade routes. 
Meanwhile, christian-democratic trade union Afrikaner Solidariteit has confirmed the strike will begin on October 28, and will not be lifted until the Federal Government finds a solution to the shortage and the stagnation of Rhodesia Nyasaland's economy.
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According to a statement by Minister of Trade and Economy George Rudland, talks are on the way between Rhodesia Nyasaland and several foreign trade partners to guarantee a stable resources import-export network.

"We just opened diplomatic cables with foreign trade partners in order to come to an agreement and boost our economic growth which is currently experiencing a dangerous stagnation. Due to this stagnation we are not able to invest in our infrastructures and national improvements. We expect to receive an answer in the next 24 hours and eventually discourage any strike by providing satisfying solutions for the Federal Government and trade unions." Mr Rudland said.

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