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Diplomatic Relations of United Bolivia

High Emperor Aggron

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Secretary of State: Omar Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Secretary of the Treasury: Laticia Peña
Secretary of Defense: Miguél Ortíz
Attorney General: Robérto Ciñta
Secretary of the Interior: Matthew Norte
Secretary of Agriculture:Sonia Polo
Secretary of Commerce: Evo Ponce
Secretary of Labor: Wilfredo Chavéz
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Maria Parrága
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Luis Martín
Secretary of Transportation: Juan Castillo
Secretary of Energy: Felipe Chavéz
Secretary of Education: Ana Torrez
Secretary of Veterans' Affairs: Jose Perez
Secretary of Homeland Security: Antonio Lopéz
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Luiz Panzano
Chief of Staff: Omar Morales
Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Iván Caneles
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Daniel Sonallo
Speaker of the Commons: Enríque De Cínta
Speaker of the Sanctum: Julio Anaré



We thank any country in forward for having sent an diplomatic team to United Bolivia and we offer any that haven't to send one at their convenience. We'd like to further diplomatic relations with all nations willing, Below are our guidelines to staying in United Bolivia should you so wish a compound will be renovated for you or, one can be built in La Paz or Tarija. 


You will have to conform with regulations as set forth by the Diplomatic Service Bureau of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs:


 You are to declare the number and type of weapons and vehicles that may be utilized by your Embassy. Heavy assault weapons, explosives, riot gear, and armor-piercing weapons are strictly prohibited. Light weapons are to be utilized by your Embassy/Consular guards only and within Embassy/Consulate grounds. You can have up to thirty diplomatic personnel, sixty security staff personnel, and sixty service personnel. You also are to declare any drugs, alcohol, pets/animals, or plants that your Embassy/Consular officials may bring with them.

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The Manitoba Free State is sending a diplomatic team to United Bolivia a small Embassy Security Team. With them will be C7 Assault Rifles, P-35/Hi-Power Semi Automatic Pistols and non lethal weapons such as tear gas and tasers.



We thank the Manitoba Free State for sending a team to United Bolivia, we have a compound prepared for you in La Paz. We look forward to bettering our relations with another country.

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