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thread soundtrack!


Mogatopian general enjoyed the fruits of our labor.




A Royal Ariana Grande Empire Announcement



Our campaign against those who wished to disturb the peace of the neutrals has succeeded, doing significantly more damage to every opponent we faced, bombing their cities and destroying their technology.


Sadly there is no slots available on Mushqaeda or any other affiliates of anyone attacking TDO or any other neutral alliance.


It's time to turn off the lights for now and join a new banner, my goal accomplished.


So now I will be searching for a new alliance to join, more adventures to find!



MoG[News] OOC bonus feature for any LoL players



Annie loses Tibbers, grows up trying to figure out where she left him.
She figures out that Tibbers is probably burried in the sand box.
Creates these hands to help dig through it all, finds Tibbers destroyed.
Goes back in time and fights former self for Tibbers.

Annie is Vi, Jinx is Annie's sister.


Until the next spark digiterra!

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Why do you think this is an appropriate announcement for this venue?

tempted to edit a first into my OP.


I am always going to be an independent alliance, regardless of my Alliance Affiliation, which makes this the proper venue, if you would like I could easily add a few more members to my AA if it would further fit to your concepts of an Alliance, which it what I am taking a stab in the dark your post is referring to, I'm more of the belief we're all our own alliances, but I suppose that belief is not globally shared, perhaps in time you will begin to see things my way instead of the current world of apathy and decay, follow my vision yourself and some day we may live in glorious anarchy, every ruler in our world fighting amongst lines of friendship instead of flags.


I'm really glad that this got a topic all to itself.  I feel like it wouldn't have gotten the attention it desperately needed otherwise.

I appreciate the attention you give me by replying!


o/ protecting global stability

We all have our parts to play!

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Pedophilia is a serious problem.

projecting seems to be your problem.


Turns out no one really cares.


And no, I don't either even though I posted here. I'm just bored.

We're all bored, I am pretty sure we could all come up with better things to do than our little world.


Your cartoon chick needs bigger "guns". Pixel in some 40DDDs and a little bounce.


How do you like these guns? Shock and Awe.


Is this post serious right now

evidently having every single female besides the Yordles and Annie having DDs is not good enough.

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Well said, good sir.

If this is what relieves boredom for you in this world then keep doing your thang.

it only takes a little effort, giving that 5 minutes of effort could make someone else's day, or a few hundred peoples couple weeks, I think everyone needs that extra nudge right now.

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