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Aeropolis Falling


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24 days have passed, and Aeropolis, the glorious capital citystate of Gairyuki's kingdom, nears ever closer to oblivion. I won't bore you with the time, but 7 long years of update blitzes, billion-dollar warchests, tech deals and drama for user Gairyuki are nearing an end. Time poorly spent in the New Polar Order among ES, Grub and those who taught me the trade, Nueva Vida under Nel and some cool people, The Indigo Plateau among friends Tarikmo, Mistra, TheListener, and others, and finally, the Mushroom Kingdom among gods and kings; it all circles the drain of time. 


I'd like to take this brief moment to honor the artists of these diverse cybernations, many of whom often go unnoticed, or un-praised for their works that adorn these cyber halls (I was certainly not one of those unnoticed or without praise). While many would like to consider the actions of a few to be the driving force of this game, I'd argue that the actions of artists throughout went to sustain and nurture it. Nowadays, this place might be a witless wasteland teeming with talentless typing hands spouting bad opinions, but the few artists that remain should be cherished as bright, brief flashes of brilliance. I tip my Unknown-Smurf-borrowed fedora to you, artist. This place would surely be less memorable without you.




You'll find me in the halls of the Mushroom Kingdom. So long, cybernations, and thanks for all the pixels.

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