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Hendrik Verwoerd is Rhodesia Nyasaland's new Prime Minister

Ian Smith

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Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd, Afrikaner Nasionale Party
After a two hours meeting with all representatives of Rhodesia Nyasaland's political parties, State President Ian Smith accepted the offer of Afrikaner National Party's leader, Hendrik Verwoerd, who rapidly secured the 33 seats majority in the Federal Assembly.
"By the authority vested in me, i hereby appoint Hendrik Verwoerd the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Rhodesia Nyasaland." said State President Ian Smith during the speech, broadcasted on RADIO-RHODESIA NYASALAND.
Hendrik Verwoerd will give up the office of the Speaker of the Federal Assembly, due to the conflicting nature with the office of Prime Minister, but will keep the office of the Interim Governor of Nyasaland for the time being. The new Speaker of the Federal Assembly is Balthazar Vorster, a former Rhodesian Front MP who merged into the Afrikaner National Party.

"What is our future? Now i want to make quite sure, that i will not be misunderstood. I am not using this occasion as a platform for putting forward ideas other than unity, prosperity and happiness to Rhodesia. I see our Republic, the Republic of the Afrikaners, British Rhodesians and indigenous alike. Governing what is the heritage of the Federal Repubic of Transvaal is big responsibility, so let us join in this effort to maintain a high standard of civilization, and guarantee the well being of our people." said Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd in his speech to the Federal Assembly.
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