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It IS simple.. See what I did there?  Your rhetoric is stale and your tactics are not effective.


Yeah you butchered my words then tried to declare victory.  Whatever.   :rolleyes:



I for one am glad DBDC is finally giving in to cultural norms and announcing their existence. About damned time.Spread the hurt? More like spread the fun, amirite?


War is a feature of Planet Bob and there are those that enjoy it...what can I say?


Am I missing something?

http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/118500-a-call-to-jihad/ was a declaration of war by a group who didn't want to be regarded as an alliance?

Now you want to shelter/cover them after they had their fun and are running for the hills after things went wrong?

Does that make you as naughty as them?


Certainly part of the same faction...


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