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Diplomatic Cable To The Athenian Federation


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To:The  Office of the Megale Autokrateira of The Athenian Federation

From: The Foreign Ministry of The Kingdom of Iceland



Megale Autokrateira, 


King Nightfall personally asked me contact you as soon as possible regarding the situation in Greenland. After the fall of Faraway, which was our closest trading partner, His Majesty ordered a battalion of troops to be sent to Greenland and wait for reinforcements later to arrive to secure the entire island and claim it for the King. However, the Ministry of Defense later detected a foreign military, which is now confirmed as the American Commonwealth, to have also landed on the island. Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I contacted Commonwealth officials and invited them to the capital however they declined the offer and stated clearly that the only diplomatic means of avoiding conflict would be Iceland's abandonment of its claim to Greenland and the immediate evacuation of troops from the island. 


King Nightfall expressed to me that he was fully prepared to negotiate and allow the Commonwealth military access to Greenland so that both parties could be sufficed, but seeing as the Commonwealth refused the offer it seems they wish to annex the island as their own. I fear that after the 48-hour time limit the Commonwealth has given there will be conflict. This is why the King wanted me to contact the Athenian Government. 


While the American Commonwealth was not interested in negotiations or diplomacy, His Majesty was hoping that perhaps the Athenian Federation would be. I would like to extend the same offer to the Athenian Federation, but on different terms. If the Athenian Military would help defend Iceland's claim to Greenland, then the King would promise the Athenian Federation's military access to Greenland and possibly even military facilities if they wont disrupt civilian life or severely alter the environment so long as WMDs are not brought to the island. 


I hope the Athenian Government will accept this offer. If so, I ask that a message is sent back to me as soon as possible because time is of the essence. It will be a shame if this leads to conflict because His Majesty wanted to begin diplomatic relations with the American Commonwealth, but this seems to be too large of something to ignore. 




Robert Anton 

Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Another cable would be sent stating that peace talks began between the Commonwealth and Iceland and that force might not be necessary. An international press release would confirm this. The Foreign Minister would promise to keep the Athenians updated and let them know how the talks went. If not for the better, then conflict would be the only alternative option. But for now, peace might actually be in sight.  

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