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Rhodesia Nyasaland goes green

Ian Smith

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Victoria Falls, one of Rhodesia's most famous sights.

The Federal Government passed a bill to reduce CO2 emissions a few days after the completion of three new heavy industry complexes by foreign construction firms. The bill sets limits and regulations to heavy industry in order to reduce the impact on Rhodesia Nyasaland's ecosystem.

Many environmentalist groups sent letters of protest against the heavy industrialization of the country and the Federal Assembly agreed with the Government to set new rules in order to limit the impact on the environment and pollution.

"We must preserve our environment in order to guarantee a healthy and pollution-free existance to our citizens and our children. The logics of unregulated exploitation of soil and natural resources will never be supported or encouraged by the Rhodesian administration. Therefore we welcome the suggestions of environmentalist groups and commit ourself to the protection of Rhodesia's environment." Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs Edward Dawson 
said in a statement. The Federal Assembly declared October 3 a national holiday as "Rhodesia Nyasaland Environment Day"

The Federal Government also established the Federal Aid Commission in order to attract foreign investors and guarantee social and economic developments for the benefit of the people and the country as a whole. 

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