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Doom Squad Declaration of Existence

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Section I. Preamble
We in DoomSquad believe that the military and financial strength of every member is the most important aspect of our alliance. We agree to put the collective good of our alliance over our own individual needs. We as an alliance agree to make sacrifices, including that of our nation's own security, to protect our members.
Section II. Government
Magnate - The Head of State and Leader of the alliance. 
Wingman - The Wingman is the bridge between the membership and the alliance leadership. He also acts in an advisory capacity to the Magnate.
Cleric Ghost - The official figurehead of DoomSquad, handles announcements made in official channels, and acts as the Head of Foreign Affairs, for the alliance.
Pigeon Commander - The Pigeon Commander handles the day-to-day running of DoomSquad. He also acts in an advisory capacity to the Magnate.
Section III. Admission
To gain admission into DoomSquad all applicants must meet the following requirements.
1. Be in no offensive wars.
2. Fully complete any listed application forms.
3. Must use Internet Relay Chat, or another form of real-time communication.
4. Will be required to go through an alliance academy, unless otherwise exempted.
Section IV. War
A State of War, or Declaration of Peace, may only be signed upon unanimous agreement between the Magnate and Wingman.
Section V. Nuclear Policy
DoomSquad reserves the right to use Nuclear Weapons in a first-strike capability.
Section VI. Amendments
The Magnate has the sole right to create amendments to the Charter, with concurrent approval of the Wingman.







Signed for DoomSquad:


Generalchow - Magnate


Last187 - Wingman


Lord Hershey - Pigeon Commander


Gh0s7 - Cleric Ghost








Edited by Generalchow
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The Grand Lodge of Freemasons agrees to provide protection, assistance and guidance to Doom Squad, effective immediately and continuing indefinitely until terms agreed to by both parties are either completed or nullified:

This agreement will remain in force for as long as Doom Squad and The Grand Lodge conduct themselves in a manner that honors themselves and each other.

Throughout the life of this agreement, The Grand Lodge agrees to:
- Maintain vigilance over the Doom Squad alliance affiliation, and to provide whatever assistance is required to safeguard it.
- Be continuously available to the leadership of Doom Squad in order to guide, advise, and support the entirety of the Doom Squad alliance in whatever manner both alliances deem most beneficial to individual and mutual stability and prosperity.

Throughout the life of this agreement, Doom Squad agrees to:
- Refrain from any and all offensive action, including raiding, roguery, and aiding non-allied combatants in any conflict.
- Refrain from signing treaties of any level with any sovereign government without the approval of the Grand Lodge.
- Give due consideration to recommendations made by the Grand Lodge intended to improve and build upon the solid foundations Doom Squad and its member nations have built for themselves.

This agreement will convert to a non-chaining oDoAP when:
- Doom Squad attains a collective NS of 500k when adding the NS of its' nations who are below the 75k NS mark, and that;
- The governments of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons and Doom Squad agree that Doom Squad is prepared to take over it's own security.

After converting to an oDoAP treaty, this agreement may revert back to the above Protection Agreement at any time over the life of the treaty should the governments of Doom Squad and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons agree to its necessity.

At any time, either party to this agreement may decide to withdraw from its terms, upon providing 72 hours' notice to the other.



For the Grand Lodge of Freemasons:
Penedono, Grand Master
Ben Stalker, Grand Chancellor
Auctor, Grand Treasurer
TNAGlimmerman, Grand Superintendant
Lemax, Grand Knight

Edited by Penedono
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To gain admission into DoomSquad all applicants must meet the following requirements.

1. Be in no offensive wars.


Is this the way to make sure that all the defensive wars are covered from the failed jihad on neutrals?

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Congrats on the DoE, the flag, and the protector. (Looking at the flag and name, I was predicting a Doombird Doomcave protectorate.)

Would if we could my friend, but we all know that's not practical, though we always reserve the right to nail the strongest guy you got if ANYONE messes with this AA.  But I guess you already knew that ;)


My little DoomSquadders are all grown up!  Best of luck to you, and I'll be with you the whole way.  Couldn't be more proud!

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It's been interesting talking to you folks, including the fallout regarding PNU (both metaphorical and literal). Here's to you having a prosperous, uranium-enriched future.
On another note, GLoF? Very unexpected choice.

Whatcha trying to say?

Some men choose greatness, others have it thrusted into them.
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