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The "You Need Casualties" Accords

Article I: Love
Dochartaigh (spelling pending) and Rey the Great hereby agree that we are sovereign individuals and that we won't spy on each other, via directly or indirectly.

Article II: War
Dochahahahaha and Rey the Great will defend each other in case of a direct assault on the other. Or at least put some aid towards the cause. Attacking is optional in the case of aggressive action or in a case where this clause is activated via mingling in someone else's business. Yeah, ambiguous wording; try us.

Article III: What the Hell is Going On?
Dochatrex and Rey agree to share information pertinent to each party's safety.

Article IV: You Never Even Called Me By My Name
In case one party wants to cancel, they will give the totally-heterosexual-I-swear partner 5 days' notice.
Signed for the nation of Neo Uruk,
Rey the Great, Head Fuck-Up

Signed for the nation of Neo Keltica,
Dochartaigh, The "Ya'll" Guy

And yes, this is real. Edited by Neo Uruk
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Also presented by Neo Uruk Productions, we have


The "Penn State" Accords

Article I: Touching
This is a non-chaining MDoAP. Look one up.

Article II: No Touching
Cancellation clause is 5 days.

Signed for the nation of Neo Uruk,
Rey the Great, Destroyer of Common Sense

Signed for the nation of The City,
Sniper Joe, SwagDaddy Emeritus
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Wow, haven't seen one of these in a long time. Congrats, and lovely graphics in the OP.

I've decided to blow the dust off some old conventions we used to do. (Some of which I still have active, hey Bob <3)

If nothing else, it gives me a way around those pesky MI6 voters.
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I used to think better of you lads, docha and sj.


Oh Amossio, how I have missed you. How you doin mate? Also, most people have learned not to think about me at all, let alone better or worse. :P 


i echo these sentiments.


I have a certain Elton John song stuck in my head right now. 


Attention whoring reached maximum levels in this thread, please go to the nearest emergency exit.


Coming from you mate, that is well...


Yes, now we have to change the whole Treaty Web as to include Rey and his treaties... ! :P


Damn straight. I am worth more than Rey though so I demand more weight for my end. Tyga used to sneak me his twinkies when he tried to diet.

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