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Disbandment of the Yaza Hajin


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In b4 "GTFO Rota" or whatever should come of this.


I don't know what happened to Tanzania but I see it is still an autonomous state. If anyone is waiting for me, I won't be back. (Even though some of you little ass holes just got a smile on your face). Anyways, now with college I don't have time to even play CN so much less come near catching up with CN:RP. I doubt that it's still there for me to even do anything with seeing as my reputation on this side of the forums was equivalent to a wasp. I do wish for Shammy to gain complete control over it again as it was written before if I still have that power to say so. Never-the-less this is just a post stating that this was my final incarnation, and love it or hate it I had a fuck ton of fun with all of you whether I loved or hated you ICly or OOCly. Even Triyun.


For those of you who will give me the time of day to say this, please keep in mind that winning does not make the game fun. When you lose, and face a challenge in doing something, that is where all the fun is. I for most of my CN:RP days had a TON of fun playing the evil villain, however at first I could never accept losing. When I did, I had way much more fun. That's all CN:RP should be about, is fun.


I hope all of you have an amazing time in CN:RP and I hope this is at least remotely in the right section area.



Rotavele, One of the Worst Roleplayers that had a ton of fun in the roleplay game and looked great doing it ;)

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