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The Dontrel Rising Pact, Version 2


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Imagine the absolute most horrifying, bizarre, terrible 2D treaty possible. Now imagine something twice as worse. That's half as bad as "The Dontrel Rising Pact, Version 2."

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsCF-mz6Y6A]The Dontrel Rising Pact, Version 2[/url]

I. Improved Platformer

 The signatories can't attack each other. If one of them does, they should just move, cancel the death animation, and talk it over.

II. Better Graphics

The signatories will tell each other everything they know, because they can't really tell what exactly is happening otherwise.


III. Gameplay

The signatories will defend and support each other to ensure nobody takes their kores. Unless they do something stupid, like go out and deliberately grab a black kore, at which point either can help but doesn't have to.

IV. Why are you scratching so much... at your arms?

If it gets too hot in here, we'll just stop playing. But it takes 96 hours.

Signed for The Order of the Paradox,


Centurius, Grandmaster
Ardus, Grand Chancellor
Salajol, Grand Hospitaller


Signed for the Goon Order of Negligence and Sadism,

Sardonic, Pilot
KenMorningstar, Co-Pilot
Marx, Secretariat
jerkdotwad, Strategos
DoNotFearJazz, Pecuniator

Council: dalstrs, Slide, NikolaP, DarkSol, r00tn00b, Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz

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On a personal note I am looking forward to working closely with TOP in the future and I would like to thank Centurius, Ardus and Salajol for coming together with us to get this accomplished. I also want to thank the guys in the Order I talked to during the AtF, which was a lot of fun.

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