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The Spy Who Nuked Me


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The Spy Who Nuked Me


I. Preamble
Nuclear espionage in this day and age can have some unintended consequences. Whilst working to obtain sensitive information, two opposing sides can find common goals and shared interests. It is in this spirit that The Nuclear Proliferation League and MI6, henceforth known as the signatories, agree to formalize their new-found friendship with an optional defense optional aggression pact.
II. Nonaggression
The signatories find it in poor taste to waste their talent on each other. They thereby agree to refrain from engaging in any acts of hostility towards each other.
III. Optional Aggression
Both signatories have the right to join in on an aggressive action begun by the other, should they so choose.
IV. Optional Defense
Both signatories have the right to defend the other against aggressive actions by a third party, should they so choose.
V. Withdrawal
Should either signatory feel that this treaty no longer reflects the relationship they had when this treaty was signed, they may choose to withdraw from the treaty. The withdrawing signatory must notify the other party of their intention to cancel. The treaty will remain in effect 48 hours after the cancellation notice.



Signed for the Nuclear Proliferation League,

KemMo - Prime Minister, HMFIC
King Wally - Triumvir
Smurthwaite - Triumvir
Gofast2006 - Triumvir
DarkZoneElite - Warhead of Foreign Affairs
SpaztikMuffin - Warhead of Economics
Houston - Warhead of Defense



Signed for MI6,


Voodoo, M
Chimaera, M
Reyas, 001
Burger, 002
Stagger_Lee, 003
BEazy, 004
James Bond, 007
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I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to participate in this nuking.

At least now this means we can have hypocorisms for each other and it won't be weird.

Hahahaha. That's so embarrassing.

Like your alliance? Edited by Facade
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If that is the premise of NSO's foreign policy, you're failing. 


I look forward to your impending deartuation. 


such brisk words. You know it's been too long babe since our last bridge-dwelling-fest. And it's NPL, who likes to bridge-dwell, well, everything of ours (and really terribly I might add).


But don't worry Chimy babe, if you're out for a cold or a vacation, i'm sure MI6 won't disband like the last time ;)

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