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The polished marble of the temple gardens gleams, freshly scrubbed, in the late afternoon sun.  The murmur of its fountains mingles with the chatter of gay Justitians and many visiting guests who weave among its lush beds in this colonnaded oasis.  One green place on the desolate Euroslavian steppe for one enlightened cult in a dark world.



Above the laughter and chitter-chatter rises a call, "friends!" which goes unnoticed.

And again, more assertive: "Friends! please!"  And they turn to him.

"I bid you welcome," says Schattenmann.


I thank you for coming, it is not an easy journey across the steppe, where our temple to Justitia stands apart from a world we are not of.  But today is not for judgements, though maybe for justice, in a simple sense: Our ways are hidden on pain of death, but there is a time for public display, and for this reason you've been invited to our gardens to share today in the honoring of two Justitians. 


The cult reserves a special honor for those who have served us with distinction: We designated these Lauded Justitian.






To the ranks of this rare group today I add xoindotnler of Rjvkmsc and Don Chele of Chalatenango.

xoindotnler joined our order and quickly made himself an asset.  His warm conversation is well wanted on our windswept nights, and his activity and dedication an example to all.  For his extreme contributions to Justitia's Cult in the form of a suite of technical tools, I am pleased to designate xoindotnler a Lauded Justitia.


Like so many of our earliest adherents, Don Chele came to our arcane order from the Green Protection Agency, where many are allured by our ideals.  The skills he acquired in the Agency realized their full potential in the Cult, where his devotion to knowledge, to our ideals, and to his fellow Justitians have made him a pillar of our commune.  In his capacity as Hierphant, his cool demeanor has advanced our cause in the back channels where an old performer isn't much use.  In his capacity as friend he has been a trusted confidant and patient advisor.


Don Chele and xoindotnler join Zarophel, Biff Webster, and Sandwich Controversy in this exclusive honor.

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Thank you Schattenmann, and thanks to the rest of the CoJ (past and present) for putting up with me being a pain in the neck at times.


Really I should thank the leaders and members of the other AA's I've dealt with for their role in my successes, and to the OWF-squad of people who really don't like either Schatt personally or the CoJ generally, who apparently care A LOT about a tiny little alliance, and have always kept me humble by reminding me how utterly irrelevant we are and that they have no idea who I am.

Edited by Don Chele
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