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Mushquaeda War Map


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hey nowt much happens round here. Just observing the LPH wars at the moment. When LPH starts to deal with evict their rogues I'll cut them out of the war. Most are still members rather than pending or booted from the AA.


Added Mushq aiding nations to the map



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UMB hasn't declared on anyone, what are you tracking exactly??  Also DBDC hasn't declared war on GOP.


Dude this map is wretched.  Delete it and wait for the global war that's about to happen.


(waste of time)

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attacking people you have no personal grievance with is what is right?

Actually, we in LPH that attacked did so to help even out the numbers for our friends. We applied pressure because not only do I have a longstanding friendship with MK (and thus their newfound rogue nations) and DBDC, but I wanted to cut off a curbstomp based on "protecting neutrality." They're neutral for a reason, guys, and it's because they don't want to defend you or have you defend them. If they've suddenly decided to get friendly now that they're in danger, it seems to be a bit cowardly to me, and a sign that they likely won't want to attack anyone for you in the future either.

NADC is a counterpoint of this, but iirc they sat their war out on their own. Edited by Neo Uruk
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House Baratheon does not support Mushqaeda and is currently neutral in this war. The aid observed was part of an older, legitimate tech deal by our member with a former Mushroom Kingdom member.


Or maybe HB is serving as a banking reserve for MQ and you guys are actually funding our wars. After all, why would HB help MK/MQ? Surely, such a respected alliance like yours wouldn't back filthy soulless terrorists...



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