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Ragnarok Announcement


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Denizens of Planet Bob,

According to Norse legend, the tale of Ragnarok foretells a great and terrible battle at the end of the world. Taken literally, Ragnarok roughly translates to "twilight of the gods," with a subtext of "final destiny," and for good reason. In this battle, old scores are settled and many great figures on both sides perish. The earth itself is set ablaze, then is submerged in water, destroying nearly everything that remains.

Out of all this destruction, however, a new and better world is born, and in this way Ragnarok heralds a cyclical renewal.

Six years ago to this very day, a new alliance was born from the remnants of a shattered alliance. While its founders had little experience in global politics, they possessed a vision of something special. Of an alliance that was fierce in battle, surely. But also of a community of equals, no matter how small or large a nation, that would always stand by one another and its allies, no matter the political cost. This vision ultimately became Ragnarok, and that ethos became embodied in the philosophy of RoK > Rokkers > Self and in our motto, "To Hell and Back, Together."

While many alliances surely see themselves as special, and to some degree are correct in this view, there are definitely those that clearly stand out from the rest. By any measure, Ragnarok has surely been such an alliance. Ragnarok became the second-fastest alliance ever to reach sanction, and at one time was home to over 600 nations. We quickly engaged in the global power struggle, and for four straight years were at the center of global politics. With the help of our allies in SuperFriends, we orchestrated and spearheaded the beginnings of the Karma War in what we initially thought was a suicide run, only to discover 24 hours later that we had lit a fuse on a sea change in the global order that still ripples outwards today. We have directly impacted the outcomes of several global wars since, for better or for worse, and our commitment to our allies has become legendary, as time and again we have refused to ignore our commitments to our allies in the name of politics. As a body and as individuals on the global stage, we have stood apart, and that is something to be proud of.

It is in the light of this great history then, with much regret and a very heavy heart, that I must announce the formal disbandment of Ragnarok. As a lifelong member of Ragnarok myself, this is not something that we choose to do willingly or lightly. Ragnarok is and will forever be our home. But out of respect for our members, our allies, and the institution of Ragnarok itself and all it stands for, we feel that it is time to finally lay this great project to rest. Just as the Norse Ragnarok must destroy itself to create something new, so now must we.

Before we disperse to the four winds, on behalf of Ragnarok and all Rokkers past and present, I would like to thank everyone who has ever been our friend or ally. True friends are severely lacking in this world and as such, it has been an honor and a pleasure to serve and fight with each and every one of you. A special thanks to our friends in NATO, who have stood with us through thick and thin, and who have graciously agreed to provide our members with protection during our transition, just as they provided us with protection all those years ago.

And with that, we set our torches to Ragnarok's funeral pyre as it sails toward the western horizon. While this is farewell to this world as an institution, know that Ragnarok will forever live on in our hearts and in our legacy. The House that Hoo Built transcends alliance affiliation--wherever we go, we will always be Rokkers.

One final time then...

o/ Ragnarok


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It is indeed a sad day. Farewell Ragnarok - our commitment to each other made these 6 years possible. I will forever remember that characters in our alliance and all of the great friends along the way.

Thank you to all of our allies and enemies along the way. We all had a blast!

One last time...

O/ Ragnarok

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Farewell Ragnarok.

Long ago we were like brothers. With your passing I shall choose to remember you from that time, how much fun and the adventures we had together, rather than the hatred and bitterness that came after. I hope all your members find great new homes.

I shall give you one last hail, something I have not done in a long time.

o/ Ragnarok

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It is with sadness that NATO acknowledges Ragnarok's decision to disband. NATO's ancients inform me that NATO's early relationship with RoK developed from a NAP with the Orange Shadow Force which was later upgraded to a MDP and helped NATO in its first few months after forming in mid-2006 more than any other alliance (any historical inaccuracies are my own). OSF became the Atlantic Shadow Confederation, which later merged with RoK, and RoK's first treaty was with NATO. Our relationship unfortunately did not survive the Karma era, but after a lot of work, we eventually signed an ODoAP with RoK again in May 2011, which was later upgraded in May 2012. The new relationship was also tested, but it survived, and our hope was that it would provide a foundation for RoK to determine a new future. Alas, it was not to be, but NATO is proud to have stood with RoK in its hour of need, and values the strong personal relationships we developed with RoK members and ex-members along the way.
Reflecting our commitment, NATO will continue to protect the Ragnarok AA.
Sir Humphrey, Secretary General
Berbers, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Tsayka, Secretary of Defense
HM Solomon I, Secretary of Commerce
lonabis, Secretary of Enlistment
tommyknocker2121, Chief Justice Edited by Sir Humphrey
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This is a sad day indeed and I know all of Polaris feels a lot of love for RoK. Farewell and I hope you all find active and happy homes.


NATO has been a shining light in how they have stood by RoK and deserve every word of praise they get in here.

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The best time i spent here was in Ragnarok. NPL and Polaris come close, but there was just that special buzz in RoK, that does not exist anywhere else on Planet Bob.


There is a lot i would say, but, i feel this is best, to hold back and watch the longship sail away till it is no more visible and then to walk away.


Special thanks to NATO. You have been a true friend to Rokkers and have been there from the start to the end, regardless of our ups and downs and the occasional hiccup in our friendship.

Special thanks also go out to everyone that was ever in the Superfriends. Regardless of how it may have ended, you guys were for a very long time, the cornerstone of whatever we did and how we weighed things. And also our bulwark.

Thanks also to the Sponge Era Polaris and the Pre-Karma Pacifica. You contributed much to our story.

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Sadly, I'm not surprised, this day was honestly overdue. Being said, it is still extremely sad to see Ragnarok pass on. Even when I disagreed with you all, you still held a special place in my heart.

RIP Ragnarok. It's tragic the plague killing so many alliances infected you as well.


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