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Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom


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I always called that you'd disband as soon as you lost a war. I am saddened that my prediction came true, you deserved many more beatings than you got. But thanks for proving to the world that you are, indeed, immature children.

Were you around for the WoTC/NoCB event?
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I think the most sad part about this is that this could have been done in 2008 if SF had just destroyed MK for spying on RIA back then. :(
Also i drew a picture of a dolphin and hung it on my face, amifunnyyet?

nope. Still an insufferable moron still striving to matter.
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A missive from the Reichskanzler of the Mushreich.



My fellow Pilzen, once again we stand here at the brink of destiny. And once again my heart swells with pride and joy as I look out across the brimming hordes of proud Pilzen swelling forth. This is our most glorious hour, this is our triumphant day. Joined together with our brothers from all the factions, we march on with our heads held high and our eyes locked on the brilliant dawn.
A slow cancer has been growing fat in our midst. The neutral menace, the prissy donators, pixel protectors and backroom appeasers. We can no longer tolerate this pathetic tumor. For too long have we been shackled by the burdens of political courtesy, mired by complacency and filth.
No more!
From this day forth, the Reich shall break those chains and soar above this stagnant waste and despair. Those unable to lead, these pitiful creatures unfit to breathe, too cowardly to even dominate their lessers have for far too long scummed the pipes and strangled the vitality and essence from our wretched world! 
It is time for a tide of strong Pilzen to wash across the lands, searing crops from the soil and the hearts from men. It is time to rend this world asunder with the white hot fire of your seething hatred. Absolutely nothing can stand against the furious might of the Mushreich!
This place is weak, desolate and frail.
Show it no mercy.
Leave no survivors.
Heil Mushreich!
Oh and by the way, the former Reichskanzler SteamPoweredHitler left control to me voluntarily several hours ago. He will testify to this during his public flogging, after which he will happily come to heel as my loyal advisor. I will not be this lenient with any further pretenders.
Signed, Marthur Luther King Jr. Reichskanzler of the Mushreich.


Mushreich will live on in my heart.

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You do realize that our overall apathy toward CN is a large part of the reason things have gone that way, right?  The fact is, we simply couldn't bring ourselves to care enough to do something about it.  As such, we decided that instead of becoming another MHA/NATO/TIO style alliance, we were going to go out on our terms instead of just letting ourselves exist perpetually as a rotten, inactive husk of an alliance.

Remember kids, when people start seeing through your shit, it's time to turn around and claim it's "what we intended all along" and "we just don't care anymore."
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Remember kids, when people start seeing through your shit, it's time to turn around and claim it's "what we intended all along" and "we just don't care anymore."


you're an idiot and you should kill yourself


ban me

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As the world enters what has been prophesized by some as "its final stage", People across the globe have gathered in memory of an alliance that has carved its way into the memories of the universe. They stand together to honour the passing of a friend, an ally, an adversary and an enemy. Regardless of affiliation, the citizens of bob are here to pay respect to a history overflowing with bloodshed and political intrigue. In unison they mourn and put to rest the remainders of a once-vibrant community.

Putting a chapter to rest and saying goodbye can be heartbreaking. Fading away into the night is often one's toughest challenge and greatest achievement. It often pains to see a fellow man's struggle for closure. The Grand Global Alliance has watched from above as death creeped in between the mushroom forests, as it tore its way into the very belly of the kingdom. For every second of agony suffered by the fallen shrooms, the GGA has shed a tear. We feel their pain, for we have been there. We, and many others, felt the same glory, witnessed the same fall and experienced the same struggle. The Mushrooms have now embarked on a path that has been walked by so many legends before them. It is the path to the ultimate destination.


My dear kingdom; now that you have finally made peace with the inevitable and are ready to embrace the end with your head held high, we feel it is time for us to descend down from Admin's hunting grounds one last time to salute you as you begin your defiant march towards Admin's judgement. Forever connected by our shared fate, the Grand Global Alliance stands with you in spirit as you transcend your physical form, much like we once did. 


My sweet mushroom prince, we extend our hand to you. It is time for you to enter the hallowed halls of the dead and join the sacred ranks of "Those who simply did not make it". The GGA welcomes you, for you are one of us.


As bringer of the GGA's final salute and in honour of the fallen Mushroom Kingdom, the nation of Partisan Holland will fly the GGA flag and AA for 7 days.



Fortuna Fortes Juvat

Fortune Favors the Brave

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In all seriousness, good riddance.


I know you were butthurt at GOONS because they kicked your teeth in on a daily basis, but MK too? Really, get over it.


The loss of MK is truly a loss for all of us. Very few alliances has had such a large impact on our world. RIP MK and good luck to all former MK members.

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MK, I would be lying if I said you were ever my favorite alliance around here, but it is still a sad day to see you go.


Had thing to write the last page to your alliance's book, but I've been part of it a few times before.  Best not to extend what shouldn't be.


Good luck on future endeavors and thank you all for the good times!

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Dear my sweet baby, Mushroom Kingdom

Your time on the planet bob has come to an end, much like our time came over two years ago. We had our differences during our mutual existence,
we even warred over your former vassal state GOONs. You were a strong and fearsome enemy.

Now that you are finally free from the corruptive stench of that pile of manure,
We, The Ninjas, extend our guiding hand in a gesture of forgiveness and mercy.

May your death be more prestigious than your life.




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