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The CN Joint Geological Survey confirms that a major tectonic event has occurred. As we speak, massive tectonic activity is shifting entire continents at rapid pace, resulting in trillions of dollars in property damage. Climatologists report that the relocation of large landmasses toward the South Pole will almost certainly interfere with ocean currents and result in a global cooling trend for the foreseeable future. Some officials go so far as to call it the next "ice age."
Diplomatic officials worldwide are scrambling to assert authority as traditional state boundaries are thrust about as rumors of war abound. Most significant at present is the settlement of territorial and ideological disputes created by the redefinition of boundaries between the New Polar Order and The Order of the Paradox. Analysts predictions of inevitable conflict between the two for precious fishing rights in now disputed waters have proven inaccurate, as the two alliances are now reported to have reached the following agreement:

The Frozen Hell Accords

The New Polar Order and the Order of the Paradox, in order to advance the security, interests, and camaraderie of both parties, do hereby agree to the following terms:
I. Sovereignty
Each signatory shall recognize the supreme and exclusive authority of the other in the maintenance of internal affairs and the use of physical force within its own territory.
II. Camaraderie
Each signatory commits to the maintenance of civility towards each other at all times, in channels both public and private. The signatories shall treat each other with the same respect and decency afforded to their own member states. Healthy debate, discussion, and constructive criticism are to be encouraged, but both parties are expected to demonstrate tact and consideration through use of appropriate channels in order to address concerns and settle disputes.
III. Non-Aggression
No member of either signatory may participate in, support, or condone military action against a member state of another signatory. Breaches of this article by member states shall not terminate the whole agreement, but shall be negotiated and settled by the signatories in an equitable fashion.
IV. Espionage
Both signatories shall refrain from acts of espionage against the other and shall respect the sanctity of private forums.
V. Intelligence and Coordination
The signatories shall share information relevant to the security of each alliance. Each signatory shall provide the other advance notice of material changes in their diplomatic affairs, including but not limited to acts of war, new treaty agreements, and the termination of existing treaties.
VI. Military and Financial Assistance
Should either signatory become the victim of external aggression or internal subversion, the corresponding signatory is obligated, upon request, to provide any and all assistance possible, including but not limited to military, financial, or diplomatic means. Should either signatory initiate conflict or engage in warfare by reason of outside obligation, the corresponding signatory is strongly encouraged, but not obligated, to provide whatever assistance it deems appropriate.
VII. Amendments
This treaty may be amended by consent of the signatories.
VIII. Termination
This treaty may be terminated by either party upon notice through private channels. Upon termination, the treaty shall remain in effect for a period of 96 hours, unless otherwise waived by mutual agreement of the signatories. The terminating signatory shall reserve the right to publication of termination for a period of 120 hours, unless otherwise waived.
Signed for The Order of the Paradox
Centurius, Grandmaster
Ardus, Grand Chancellor
Salajol, Grand Hospitaller
KuzuRyuSen, Grand Defender
Megamind, Grand Legate
Zac the Sage, Grand Inductor
iamthey, Grand Treasurer
Aesis, Heptagon Alderman
Bob Ilyani, Heptagon Alderman
Deus, Heptagon Alderman
Lum, Heptagon Alderman
maladieshie, Heptagon Alderman
SickO, Heptagon Alderman
TailsK, Heptagon Alderman
Signed for the New Polar Order
Emperor - Dajobo
Imperial Regent - EaTeMuP
Imperial Liaison - Quantum Leap
Minister of Truth - WarGod0001
Minister of Plenty - Mompson
Minister of Peace - Vindicator
Minister of Love - sounion
Deputy Minister of Peace - King Ryan IV
Deputy Minister of Plenty - Thomas Venner
Deputy Minister of Love - Mc Peterson
Deputy Minister of Truth - Fallen_Fool
Imperator Emeritus - AlmightyGrub
Imperial Advisor - Medic32
Imperial Advisor - GEwilliam
Imperial Advisor - Jphillips
Imperial Advisor - Darth Actorbass


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