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Republic of the Star

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The North Star Federation and the Union of Communist Republics met some time ago near the very birth of our imperial federation. Since then we have maintained a joyous and fruitful relationship, that has led to UCR being less freighted of free market capitalism. Which has opened them up to idea of starting a private enterprise with us. 
Everyone is invited to the brand new Republic of the Star Restaurant and Bar!

In the light of increase in hunger and hatred across Bob, the alliance affiliations of Union of Communist Republics and the North Star Federation have decided to enter the food and friendship business. We proudly present to you the delicacy's of the 'Republic of the North Star Restaurant and Bar'.

I) Sovereignty Pizza
This pizza offers the eater enjoyment of the all time favorite 'Sovereign Cheese and pizza crust' with the delicious 'friendship topping' gleaming at its surface.
Both signatories and their respective members shall remain sovereign of each other.

II) Civility Noodles
Sticky noodles which doesn't slip from your fork (and hence save you from public embarrassment)
Both signatories and their members shall remain accept display of pubic hair and shall remain civil to each other at all times, especially but not limited to Public Forums.

III) Intelligence Wrap
The wrap share a shameless resemblance to the Mexican wrap, but with fillings of colorful and crunchy Intelligence.
If any signatory receives information concerning a threat o the other, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory and forward forward relevant information as as soon as possible.
The receiving alliances may not but isn't obliged to keeps the source of information hidden.

IV) Defense Fish Curry
KillJoy's delight, the fish is stewed in toxic nuclear waste, added gun powder to taste. The fish is served with rice.
Both signatories may request assistance from each other in the times of military conflict. Assistance include direct or indirect financial, intelligence and/or military aid. Both signatories are encouraged to fulfill the requests, but aren't obliged to do so.

V) Agressive Crab Stew
A delicacy prepared for crab lovers, this 'thick white colored' stew contains veggies, crab meat, and a 'secret ingredient'. Served with burnt crab limbs or tinsers, as per the choice of the customer.
If a signatory enters an aggressive war against a third party, the other signatory is encouraged, but not oblidged to provide direct or indirect financial, intelligence or military aid.

VI) Terminator Beer
The worst tasting beverage offered by the bar, the 'Terminator Beer' consists of 'heartbreak' and 'disloyalty'.
Either signatories may terminate this pact at any time with appropriate reason. However, the withdrawing alliance must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels forty-eight hours prior to the announcement of termination.
Signed for the North Star Federation
Crv24, Emperor
Astro, Regent
Poppa Clam, Imperial Guard of Foreign Affairs

Sign for the Union of Communist Republics
ComradeV, Premier
Mosin-Nagant, Commissar of Internal Affairs
RA2Leader, Commissar of Defence
Ronjoy, Commissar of Foreign Affairs

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