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The McRib Accords (aka Project GoldStar) - a NSF and GUN Treaty

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To promote an air of cooperation and friendship, the two sovereign alliances; North Star Federation (NSF) and the Golden Union of Nations (GUN) hereby sign this treaty to do as such.

Article I: Non-aggression and Friendship
Both alliances and their respective members shall remain civil to each other at all times, especially in public forums, they take any matter of politics in private, also to agree not to endorse or engage military action against the other signatory.

Article II: Intelligence
The signatories agree to provide any information that could be perceived as a threat to the other signatory.

Article III: Aid
The following signatories agree to provide aid to each other when it is deemed absolutely necessary for the survival or their alliance. In other situations it is allowed but not required.

Article IV: Optional Defense and Aggression

Both signatories agree to contact the other signatory in times of military strife, for them to consider the possibility of them entering the
conflict on their respective side.

Article V: Cancellation
Violations of any article of this treaty will result in cancellation. If either signatory decides they wish to cancel this treaty, they will give 24 hours notice plus inform the other signatory as to why.

Signed for the North Star Federation
Crv24, Emperor
Astro, Regent
Poppa Clam, Imperial Guard of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the Golden Union of Nations

Vandelsand, Chief

Sith, Chief of Staff

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