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The Kashmir way.


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I hear Kashmir has hookers and blow, y/n?


Those allegations have often been dismissed on procedural grounds


And anything which may have been on premises was very likely being administered under our physician's care


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In Kashmiri lore, Moses climbed Mt. Iamhigh and found a burning kush which gave him wise counsel.


The kush was so righteous, so powerful, that Moses had to have the wise counsel written down, lest he space out before he got to the bottom, and forget the wisdom, and have to go back up the mountain, except after that kush he was never gonna find the spot again.


And maaan was he ready for some of that fatted calf when he got down.

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Announcing the newest members of the Kashmir Co-Prosperity Sphere:
Kashmir FA: Higher and Higher!

:laugh: Edited by Kurdanak
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