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The Kashmir way.


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One night long ago, when my party-pals had all gone to bed, I stayed up cranked on meth and playing video games and !@#$.

I was also high as a kite so the VCR clock soon grabbed my interest.

What particularly drew me to the clock was noticing mathematical combinations of numbers.  4:16 was the first digit times itself to get the second and third.  2:38 was the first digit raised to the power of the second to get the third.

Got to where I was furiously working out what was the next arbitrarily meaningful collection of digits, then having little stonedgasms when the digits would roll forth onto the clock, then went back to working out the next one.

This went on.  All.  Night.  Long.

My point is, lots of work (?) went into getting ready for brief and fleeting moments of resolution/elation/why yes I'll have another hit.  Between those moments was lots of downtime and getting ready for the next one.

So if you think you have what it takes to fiend on VCR clock numbers in a manner most A Beautiful Mind, then you are a shoo-in for Cybernations.

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