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Amicitiae Nostrae Memoriam Spero Sempiternam Fore

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Amicitiae Nostrae Memoriam Spero Sempiternam Fore
(I Hope That The Memory Of Our Friendship Will Be Everlasting)

It is with a heavy heart that the collective signatories of the SuperFriends hereby announce its immediate dissolution. Currently the oldest bloc on Planet Bob at 2,109 days old (over 5.75 years), The SuperFriends was announced on September 7, 2007 between Farkistan, the Random Insanity Alliance, the Atlantic Shadow Confederation and later expanded to include the Global Order of Darkness, Ragnarok, Monos Archein, R&R, the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, and the Nuclear Proliferation League. We now put her to rest in the annuls of history where she shall always be remembered with a fond heart by those who once called her home.
A Stroll Through Time

Discussions for the formation of SF began after the end of the Holy War of Farkistan and the Collapse of the Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense (GUARD). Three alliances came together to form something to protect themselves from the world. A suicide pact through which they would always be there for each other no matter the odds. Shortly after its formation they were thrust into the fury of the Unjust War. In a strange twist of fate the SuperFriends fought on the side of the Unjust Highway following ASC who honored their MDoAP with the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving who Farkistan had just finished fighting months prior. We fought against the Grand Global Alliance and did much damage despite our eventual surrender to the forces of ~. The war acted as a trial of fire for SF and brought the signatories even closer together.

After the war the Random Insanity Alliance sponsored the Global Order of Darkness for membership and SF became 4. The beginning of 2008 saw SF expand again when Farkistan sponsored Ragnarok for membership. A month later we launched an assault on the Illuminati with the Common Defense Treaty, whom Ragnarok was also a member of. A war which saw the Illuminati quickly dispatched. After this war the ASC decided to merge into Ragnarok bringing SF back down to 4. R&R joined several months later after being sponsored by GOD just prior to the War of the Coalition where SF fought on the side of Coalition due to past issues with the New Polar Order and Mushroom Kingdom.

Towards the end of 2008, SF helped create the Teen Titans with the Armed Coalition of Valor, the International Protection Agency, and The Order of Halsa and signed a bloc-to-bloc MDoAP creating a sort of dual-bloc with them. Teen Titans later expanded to include the League of United Defense, Apocalypse/Aeon, Through Yggdrasil's Roots, and the Ascended Republic of Elite States before dissolving mid-2010. In 2009, SF fought on the side of Karma which it helped orchestrate. This led to an era many call SuperGrievences where a sort of unofficial dual power sphere between the SuperFriends and C&G existed.

As time went on Ragnarok later sponsored Monos Archein while the RIA sponsored the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations for membership. During the Bipolar War we fought against the NpO and TOP alongside LEO and C&G. Eventually Farkistan decided to depart from SF leaving the RIA its only remaining founding member. Months later the PB-NpO War gave us great strain when Ragnarok unexpectedly backed the New Polar Order causing the RIA to fight on both sides due to a deal made with PB to protect RoK but the strain caused by the war eventually caused RoK to leave, bringing SF back down to 4. The Grudge War saw SF positioned against Mjölnir to settle past grievances. An unexpected new friend was made following this war and the RIA eventually sponsored the Nuclear Proliferation League, made up of former RoK members for membership, in a time when SF had thought it would no longer expand. The following times saw the Dave War and most recently the Equilibrium War.

Starting with 3 signatories, the SuperFriends eventually grew to a grand total of 9 alliances over its history. This was something that was never envisioned during its initial formation and discussion. It fought in every global conflict since the Unjust War. We never expected power, yet we gained and later lost it. Thus we view our time in this world as a great success where much fun was had. The SuperFriends shall always hold a place in history and our hearts. Farewell, old friend.

With That We Bid You Adieu - Roll Credits

The SuperFriends, Starring...

Random Insanity Alliance as the Wonder Twins, both of them
Global Order of Darkness as Apache Chief
R&R as Green Lantern
Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations as the Flash
Nuclear Proliferation League as the Atom

Formerly Starring...

Atlantic Shadow Confederation as Batman
Farkistan as Aquaman
Ragnarok as Black Vulcan
Monos Archein as Wonder Women


The Random Insanity Alliance, as an initial founder of the SuperFriends is especially sad to see it go. We have been a part of SF for over a half of a decade. We shall always remember the great times. We rose higher then we ever expected and had our ups and downs but SF was a blast and has given us many great memories. We remember all of its signatories as brothers even if we no longer share this age old treaty. May we all move forward to new shining futures.


GOD joined SF at a time of extreme vulnerability, after a clobbering in the Unjust War (which we fought alongside R&R). They welcomed us, and they've been the rock and center of our relations with the outside world ever since - more than half a decade, at this point. The longest bloc to ever exist. The most stable group of allies we could've asked for, and indeed our frame of reference for the world. We mourn the loss, cherish the friends that remain, and face the new dawn with optimism and curiosity. A world without SF is a world we will have to adjust to.


It's been nearly four years since The Commonwealth was inducted into The Superfriends! and to see it end is very painful. After losing a very close ally in the months after 1V-GATO, we were unsure of our future. When we received the invitation to join, we were immediately welcomed with open arms and built friendships that transcended just politics. The bloc was the bedrock and foundation of our foreign affairs; it was a group of close friends we could turn to in time of crisis or confusion. We are forever grateful to everyone who helped to define Superfriends! what it is and was throughout its lifetime. With the heaviest heart, we say goodbye to the most important chapter in The Commonwealth's history thus far.


The NPL joined The SuperFriends bloc around a year and a half ago. We sought to reaffirm the friendship and camaraderie we shared with it's member alliances who at the time were: R&R, RIA, GOD, and CSN. This bloc has been the very core of our FA since before we were even a member of it.... it's sad to see the end of this era, it will not be forgotten it shall be forever known as one of our greatest experiences in the world of Bob.


It was almost 5 years ago that, sponsored by GOD, R&R joined the SuperFriends. We have had a lot of shared memories, wars won, wars lost, friends gained and friends lost. This bloc has more than earned its name and even though we are sad to say goodbye to the SF era, we know the friendships forged will remain for many more years.


Monos Archein joined SF to much celebration within, the famed dragon of Maroon a testament to the peaks one can reach with enough effort, camaraderie and loyalty to one another. SF was the cornerstone of its world, a stable group of friends who would back each other up; regardless of the loud disagreements from time to time, come hell or high water. The remnants of MA, wherever they may be across the world certainly remember the good and bad times that came by being in SuperFriends, and for them this is a mournful end of an era that all will have to adjust in order to look at the coming dawn that awaits them.


Ragnarok had quite the ride with SF. The party indeed was one that went on for all hours long after curfew. A journey that began with jubilation and excitement, sadly ended on a sour note. Not letting that detract from the good memories, we the diaspora, wish the alliances of SF, all the very best in days to come. Each and everyone of you, holds a special place in our memories, the present, the past, all of you. Taking this opportunity to give a shoutout to MA, ASC, Farkistan, along with the current SFers. Cheers!


SuperFriends was a huge part of Farkistan's culture for several years. Battles fought, friendships forged, hiliarty ensued. While Farkistan is sad to see a huge part of our early history drift into the books one last time, we wish all current and former members of this wonderful bloc a happy and prosperous future! It was fun, y'all!

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And here we go. Now everything can move along with much more fluid motion.

You had a mostly good run, nothing to be ashamed of.

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Extremely sad to see the end of an era come to pass.

SF was a blast to be in and the multitude that I learned, experienced and connected with the friendships is a time that I'll forever cherish.

For one last time,

o/ SF

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Superfriends will always remain as some of the most dependable allies R&R has ever had. We blamed everything on Xiph, we pissed on Goose's lawn, we made fun of Liz at every opportunity, we constantly tried to figure out how RIA worked (to no avail), we constantly talked football, and we always stuck together. The SF delegate chan was always one of my favorites when I was in it, and the working order between the members was truly something to behold. C&G be damned, in the end Superfriends was the most unified bloc in CN.

o/ R&R
o/ RIA
o/ GOD
o/ CSN
o/ NPL
o/ Superfriends
o/ Lizosis

And of course, fuck Xiph.

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