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An Announcement of the Utmost Importance


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So for a while, Planet Bob hasn't really had a radio. CNIB started out strong, then fizzled out when people didn't get as high a listener count as some of the more popular Radio Personaliities of CN (Brehon). Bootleg was consistently strong, but didn't have the constant programming of CNIB, which left something to be desired.


So back in March/April, Bros and Brehon began tossing around the idea of a merger of the radios, which eventually lead to CNIB being absorbed by Bootleg, because of the infrastructure already in place for Bootleg Radio. It's taken a while, and quite a bit of preparation, but now Brehon and Bros are proud to announce the grand reopening of [url=http://bootlegmedia.com]Bootleg Radio[/url].


We have a 24/7 AutoDJ playing whatever random music Brehon and I felt like uploading at the time, so please give us suggestions as to what to upload.


Tune in at http://bootlegmedia.com:8000/index.html?sid=1 and join us in #bootleg for a good time!


We are currently looking for:

  • DJs
  • Graphic Artists
  • Vocal Personalities (Think doing little commercials/spots for the station)
  • Creative Personailities (To write Gaming News Articles and create the commercials/spots. You don't have to be able to do both, but it would be appreciated)

tl;dr Bootleg is back and better than ever. We have vacanies in all positions, so come to our [url=http://bootlegmedia.com/boards/index.php]shiny new forums[/url] at http://bootlegmedia.com (click on the logo)

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And I was just starting to enjoy being the sole listener of CNIB watching bros say one line such as the one below four dozen times. :P

I R ROBOT: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Listeners: 1/2000) Request stuff from http://thecastlehall.no-ip.org/bros.html | Link to radio: | HIGHLIGHT ME IF YOU WANT SOMETHING

Jokes aside, great to see this!

EDIT: On a side note - Whenever I actually build a library of music that is legal to stream, I may sign up to be a DJ. \o/ Edited by Kurdanak
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