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This world needs more BLOEMKOOL: join FOK!


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Hello, if you followed the keywords "bloemkool" and "papje" and you know what I'm talking about, then we are looking for you! We welcome players from all walks of life, providing they speak dutch on a conversational level (and no, Babelfish-ish dutch does not count).


We offer:

-protection by a 300+ member alliance

-aidprograms getting you (back) on your feet

-the largest concentration of mojo on a square pixel ever

-dutch guides and personal advice

-personal mentors (if wanted, poor lonesome cowboy-types are equally welcome as long as they don't try to shoot their or other members shadows)

-a somewhat deranged view on comradeship involving shaving each others legs and calling each other Uncle Dave, as well as Bokito-rushes and uncompromising support in times of need

-sightseeing tours on Candy Mountain (keep kidney handy)

If you are interested, you can find us on <a href="http://www.fokalliance.com/" target="_blank">http://www.fokalliance.com/</a>

Beers (mostly Belgian) are served in our public channel #fok at Coldfront ( <a href="http://kol.coldfront.net" target="_blank">http://kol.coldfront.net</a> ) (click "chat" and type "/join #fok" and tadah!)

tl;dr: cauliflower for all!

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