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Blueblood Unity & Trade Treaty

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Within troll society, blue has a special place of importance: Those of an indigo hue are members of the Nobility,

In recognition of the Pan-National Union being especially b100,

the Empire saw fit to establish the following treaty.


In turn, the PNU was distracted by the Empress' hot ass long enough to

disregard all sense and logic and sign the following agreement with a genocidal, amphibious alien.

B100blood Unity & Trade Treaty

Article I: Respect Among Nobles
D --> In the signing of this treaty the Pan-National Union and Alternian Empire (henceforth the 'signatories') agree to acknowledge and respect the inviolable sovereignty of their co-signatory, in honour of their Nobility
D --> No member of either alliance shall violate said sovereignty; be it through acts of war, or aiding an enemy of either signatory
D --> The signatory alliances will also treat one another's members with a level of respect and decency befitting their noble b100d caste
D --> Communication shall be maintained to ensure the honour of both parties is maintained

Article II: E%posing Blood Traitors
D --> The signatories shall share intelligence and information critical to the other alliance's safety where this does not conflict with other treaty obligations
D --> This shall also apply to any parties wishing to disrespect and subvert the nobility of the signatories

Article III: Blood Purity
D --> Should a state of war be declared upon (formally or informally) by a third party, their co-signatory shall provide political support where this does not conflict with other treaty obligations
D --> If petitioned via official channels, the co-signatory is not obliged to provide military and/or financial aid, but has the option to do so Should said option be taken, the war shall be prosecuted with dignity becoming of their rank

Article IV: Trade & Commerce
D --> The signatories agree to provide for the fostering of trade and economic co-operation between them, in the interests of mutual prosperity
D --> Said trade shall include the provision of chocolate cream-filled biscuits (hereby referred to as 'Oreos'), lusus milk and psychotic b100-b100ded soulbots
D --> Dunking of said Oreos is to be both accepted and encouraged

Article V: E%ile of Impostors
D --> Should either signatory engage in 100d, e%ssively depraved behaviour or whatever other acts of horseplay unbecoming those of an indigo hue, it may be necessary for this treaty to be cancelled
D --> Signatories may nullify this treaty with a minimum of three (3) days private notice to be provided to one another prior to cancellation
D --> Should one or more of the signatories be in a state of war, the Treaty cannot be cancelled until the cessation of hostilities - unless there is recognised mutual consent


Signed for the Pan National Union
President: Rayan Thomas
Vice-President: HelenasArmy
Prime Minister: Sultan Hassan
Minister of War: SgtInsanity
Minister of Interior: CyberUndead
Foreign Minister: atombomb3429
Economic Minister: iskiok


Signed for the Alternian Empire:

RevolutionaryRebel - Empress / Agent of Diplomaneuvering
Zhangku- Agent of Auspisticizing
JohnHenryHolliday - Agent of War
Marc Rodin - Agent of Prosperity

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This treaty was the result of a lot of discussion and planning, extending before either Alliance was formally announced. Hopefully, the world will be seeing a lot more of both of us in the future.



OOC: Special mention goes out to another kind of Blues, that won over Queensland yesterday, which the two of us are most pleased with.


In your face, Wally.


In your face.

Edited by revolutionary rebel
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