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The NPL will be kicking off a week long festival of radioactive debauchery starting May 27th to celebrate our 2nd birthday. Be sure to call in and join in the fun! www.npl-alliance.net

We will be hosting events such as the much enjoyed FIGHT CLUB.
A 64 man, international event, consisting on allies, NPLers, friends, and even some other guys

Super Awesome Holy Shit I Never Saw That Coming Zombie Apocalypse Poll, run by the legendary AvT

With an Apocalypse Poll Art Contest - winner to receive 3 million or 50 tech, run by King Wally

Do you want the ninja to work it's magic on the High Gov??
Ninja High Gov. Avatar Thread, where you can actually make suggestions for the ninja to work the magic, run by NPL's resident Ninja

Chill out and relax in the Nukapalooza Bar, relax and talk to old friends or try to make some new ones

Remember to come dressed in your appropriately themed Zombie Apocalypse Avatar or the Admin team will find one for you....I hope you like homosexual zombies who are also unicorn curious

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still have my custom avatar from the last Nukapalooza :D


I'll bring over a barrel of our finest grog for the event gentlemen! The rum is ours DZE -_-'

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I shudder to think what the next Apocalypse Poll will bring. One would think that the rag tag bunch of survivors had been through enough and providence would cut them some slack now. But Nooooo, fate can be such a bitch, no?

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Congratulations NPL!


* Grabbing some Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters and heading over to NPL forums to join the fun *

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Also, the following people are still "alive" on day three of Fight Club.  Have a favorite?  Want somebody to lose.  Your votes decide.












King Wally[NPL]





Comrade ronjoy[UCR]


NPL's FIGHT CLUB = Thunderdome


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