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The Treaty of Toronto

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The Treaty of Toronto


In the spirit of friendship, the Dominion of Righteous Nations and The Javahouse League (hereafter known as DRN and tJL) make this pact to further our commitment to each other.


DRN and tJL are two separate and sovereign alliances.

Optional Defense

In the event one of the signatories is attacked by another party, the other signatory is encouraged but not required to provide military, financial and diplomatic aid in whatever combination requested by the attacked alliance. The attacked alliance may also request that no aid be given.

Optional Aggression

Both signatories may request the other to jointly enter a war with any third party or request funding for said war. This request may or may not be followed, with no penalty to the party whose aid is requested.


Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained that could prove useful or vital to the other. Both signatories agree to give advance notification of any future or pending treaties which cause mutual assistance.


Either party may cancel this agreement with 120 hours of advance notice in private.

Signed for The Dominion of Righteous Nations,
GinoTheRoman - Sovereign
Blazin - Duke of Foreign Affairs
nomdeplume - Duke of Defense
Jack Whiterstein - Duke of Interior
Lucius - Magistrate of Finance
Mamaev - Magistrate of Education
Rebecca The Kind - Magistrate of Recruitment

Roundtable (TJB, reapertaz, Summertime Sadness, Hafiz)

Signed for The Javahouse League,
White Chocolate
John Churchill
Max Power

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The Treaty of Toronto is a pact forged by a great friendship.

The Javahouse League have treated us with respect and honor from day one of our existence.

I will echo WhiteChocolate:

We are proud to call TJL our ally and friend.

Glory to tJL!
Glory to the Dominion!

DRN Sovereign,

Edited by GinoTheRoman
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o7 tJL

o7 DRN


We are happy to see this announced and look forward to a long and friendly relationship.



Baron of Interior


(I stepped down from the triumvirate, due to RL pressures, but this was signed prior to that. So, that's why my name is on it as Duke of Defense.)

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