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Anarchy glitch


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Take any nation, buy max soldiers, then decom enough that the efficiency is above 20% but the actual number is below, they go into anarchy yet then it registers as having more than 20% soldiers.

My nation for example, ~60k citizens, if I buy max soldiers, ~50k, then sell down to ~10k soldiers, my efficiency is ~20k (30% of total pop) I will be put into anarchy yet my citizens will not complain about a lack of soldiers.

I have done this twice now while testing the system.

Edit: Also, I find this hilarious: Anarchy - Your people are happy with this government type.

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I am fairly sure I remember Admin commenting that the soldier level for Anarchy is based off efficiency (which makes sense), besides my citizens never complained about the lack of soldiers, it registered as low enough to anarchy me for a moment, then was fine.

I think it is just a peace of code that was never updated.

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I am curious how anarchy works now.

Is it based on defending troop count? I know I had well under 20% defending soldiers (but plenty deployed) recently but was not placed in anarchy.

You have to be attacked when you have a low troop count to put you in anarchy.

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