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Sit and wait and all will be revealed.

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Sit and wait and all will be revealed.


Prototype has, since its inception, forged a path entirely of its own. The banner under which we’ve united has reflected our desire to foster what should constitute the prototypical alliance.


The establishment continues to ordain the manner in which an alliance should exist. Its membership, its foreign affairs, its entire organizational structure and belief system is rigidly defined and exercised. This is the status quo and it’s still not for us.


The name we created and have embraced ceases to serves our purposes. For that reason we are no longer a prototype, we are Kashmir.


During this transition Kashmir will be protecting the Prototype and Prototype Applicant AAs for a period of 30 days or until all members have moved over (whichever comes first).



Forums: www.cnkashmir.com

IRC: #cnkashmir (replacing #prototype)

Charter: Pending




 SirWilliam, His Majesty the King of Kashmir, Overlord of the Ocean, Sovereign of Riot House, Emperor of the Houses of the Holy, Protector of the Stairway to Heaven

Master Hakai, His Highness the Prince of Kashmir, Rambler Over the Hills and Far Away, Traveler of Both Time and Space
Trout, The Hermit

YOLO SWAG, The Piper

mattski133, The Hangman
Lex Quintus and O-Dog, Elders of a Gentle Race

Edited by SirWilliam
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Are we doing more of the re-branding stuff?


Inb4 MI6 declares itself as IAA3.





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Man you guys got bored with that theme fast.... oh well here's to keeping it fresh. 


PS - Pretty sure Joe Stupid is now racing to your applications page! :awesome:

I thought he was more into Floyd. he may not like us for that reason :S

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