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Map Bug


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It seems as if the circles don't like NZ much...

My Map

My Nation

Friends Map

Friends Nation

It doesn't seem like a circle... it seems like a very, very VERY long ellipse.

I think this may have to do that America and The middle east (which both are very "equatoral") are... equatoral, and the map seems to make more "polar" circles stretched out... (due to the projection onto a flat surface)

However, it does it FAR too much. As someone who lives in NZ (but not in Wellington, Im not showing you guys my house :P), the distance between Nelson and Wellington is NOT ~4 kilometers (its an hour boat-trip), but the radius SHOULD be 32 miles. (but, even using the scale, the horizontal distance is nearly 1000 miles, whereas the vertical distance is a meagre 20 miles)

Is there any reason behind this? It seems like a bug, as circles aren't normally like lines... This 'circle' is 50 times wider than it is taller...

Other (larger) maps seem perfectly normal (and either circular, or triangular if the nations are HUGE)

I would like to know when I own NZ... and then... THE WORLD (*evil laughter*), but my nations borders are the laughing stocks of the world ATM, so I feel sad because of that... :(

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