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Sparta and Legion hereby upgrade our ODP treaty to a MDoAP treaty.





Article One: Peace

Both of the signatory alliances and their respective member nations recognize and will respect each other's sovereignty and political independence. They will develop good co-operation between them to ensure lasting security. They will refrain from espionage and the threat or use of force against each other and will settle all disputes between them by peaceful means. Both signatory alliances shall be resolute in their insistence that their respective members remain polite and civil to each other at all times, especially in public forums and other public venues.

Article Two: Communication

In signing these protocols, both signatory alliances recognize that communication and Intelligence is the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship and that there is mutual benefit for both alliances when open communication and intelligence between them is maintained. To that end, both signatory alliances agree to productive two-way inter-alliance communication and the sharing of intelligence.

Article Three: Defense

This Provision hereby dictates that under any circumstances if either of the undersigned finds itself attacked by a foreign power, the opposite signatory to this agreement is, upon request, obligated to declare war against the foreign aggressor. The attacked signatory of this agreement maintains the right to waive assistance.

Article Four: Aggression

In the event of an offensive war by either signatory, assistance may be requested. While encouraged to do so, this assistance is given at the signatories full discretion.

Article Five: Cancellation

Either signatory alliance may terminate this compact at any time by providing the other signatory alliance with a 48 hour notice of intent to terminate. This compact is automatically terminated when either signatory alliance violates the Articles above.



Signed for Sparta

Yerushalayim - King of Sparta

DeathAdder - King of Sparta

Mugiwara - Ephor of Philoxenia

Faroah - Ephor of Mesoa

MetalSnow - Ephor of Lykoi


Signed for Legion

/s/ TzarRob, Imperator
/s/ bjalbert, Proconsul
/s/ Watcher, Minister of Economics
/s/ CodFCS, Minister of Defense
/s/ Overlord Kerst, Minister of Internal Affairs
/s/ killer04, Minister of Foreign Affairs/Minister of Dinky Doos

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Hmmm... Killer04. Where have I heard that name before? Oh yes, "I didn't know, I DIDN'T KNOW!" 


Also, congrats on your treaty.   :)

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